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Organic Living Life Summer Berry Bars

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·         ANTIOXIDANT BARS: Living Foods Organic Fruits of Life is a delicious antioxidant bar sweetened with organic honey and packed with 4 servings of organic fruits and berries

·         VITAMIN C: Includes 240% of the daily value of vitamin C all wrapped up in a summer berry taste

·         PROBIOTICS: Our Living Foods bars combine healthy whole foods such as organic fruit, nuts and sprouted grains with beneficial live probiotics for gut health and digestive support

·         SOLUBLE FIBER: Each bar contains soluble fiber from oat beta glucan, an important ingredient for supporting heart health

·         VEGETARIAN NUTRITION BAR: This antioxidant bar is Vegetarian, Non-GMO, and All Natural with No Fillers, No Colorings, and No Artificial Ingredients

·         Delicious, satisfying bars, naturally flavored and sweetened with honey and packed with organic whole foods including fruits, vegetables, nuts and sprouts.

·         Made with live probiotics to help support healthy microbial balance in the gut. Each bar includes the Sprouted Grain, Fermented Seed and Cereal blend, a combination of whole food ingredients that support healthy digestion

·         Contain soluble fiber from oat beta glucan, an important ingredient for supporting a healthy heart. In addition, Living Foods bars support healthy glycemic response.

·         Vegetarian and non-GMO, All natural, no fillers, colorings, or artificial ingredients

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