About Us




Vision Statement


Our vision is to be the premier “healthcare” facility in Bermuda by providing invaluable products and services to our community.


Mission Statement


People’s Pharmacy is committed to conducting business with integrity, treating our customers and associates with respect, sensitivity and caring attitudes - bestowing honesty and truth in every transaction. Our goal is to retain highly professional managers and staff to provide the best quality products, together with superlative customer service.




·         Respect for individuals

·         Integrity

·         Honesty and Truth

·         Quality Customer Service

·         Competence

·         Dependability


“At People’s Pharmacy, we are committed to ensuring we do business with integrity and that the proper respect is shown to everybody. We treat our customers with caring attitudes, relying on honesty and truth and insist on quality products and competent staff.”  
Donna L. Pearman - President


















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